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We are a London based digital brand experience agency

We help B2C companies maximise customer lifetime value through the design of positive, emotionally connected customer journeys

We implement experience strategy into intelligent productions across all customer touchpoints


Consultancy Services

  • Digital Business Strategy
  • Brand Design
  • Customer Experience Design (CX)
  • Product Design (UX)
  • Service Design

Production Services

  • Graphic Design & Illustration
  • Animation & Film
  • Website Design & Development
  • Mobile App Design & Development
  • New Tech (AR/VR, VUI & IOT)

How We Work

1 | On a project basis, one of our partners will evaluate your brand, digital, product, and marketing strategy and then produce a recommendations report.

2 | On a retained basis, the same partner that wrote the report will implement the change management of the approved recommendations in an agile methodology, continually supplying further strategy and creative to the process.

3 | On a project basis, we fully manage the delivery of productions.

Our Story

emotiv is a new London based agency that was setup late 2017 after a discussion between the now partners, Stephen Gray and Dan Campbell, on why small design agencies were completing projects without the true insight into business intelligence and strategy, whilst the big-boys of the agency world were doing so but in an inefficient, non-personable manner and embroiled within their own internal politics. They also noticed that good business strategy was detached from its brand and digital strategy.

Stephen, an entrepreneur and previous founder/owner of a digital agency, had met Dan, a seasoned creative director within big client brands and agencies, whilst they had a client/supplier relationship at MTV. They remained friends and continued to work together until that day they realised that their experiences and very differing skills made them a great team to solve that very problem for clients.

emotiv was thus created as an agency that really gets under the skin of a client’s business, helps with its strategic direction and then intelligently implements quality productions. emotiv is consultancy led and purposefully keeps its production talent external.

Why Choose Us

Partner contact

Whatever the size of your business or project, you will have direct contact with the partners. We delegate down, not the other way around like most agencies. We believe the relationship and contact with our client is too important to be dealt with by account management.

The client isn't always right

We are not afraid to challenge our clients, even validating our given briefing with the possibility of losing a job. If we believe a client is doing the wrong thing we will suggest alternatives and prove our case with primary research or relevant secondary evidence.

Not cheap, but good value

Rate cards are meaningless unless you have a crystal ball that predicts the future time taken on a project. We always estimate fixed prices for projects, based on a detailed specification and enforce maximum variance contracts so a client will always know the costing boundaries.

External production talent

We use a modern working methodology, hiring talent from our list of approved freelancers that are considered some of the best individual talent in the UK. We have built and continue to develop a proprietary product that manages the search and selection and project management systems.

We avoid the bullshit

We’ve had entrepreneurial, big agency and big client experience. We’ve seen different politics, cultures and systems and have learnt how to keep things lean, kill egos and focus on the important parts; our strategic and creative direction and the diversity and experience of production talent.

Commited relationships

We work with our clients in mutually respectful relationships. We mostly work in retained relationships and do not pitch for accounts or projects. We do not see projects in a silo but instead we see the work we complete as a piece of your business that we can grow and make a positive difference.



I’ve commissioned the team at emotiv for a variety of digital projects, both whilst at EMI and Harper Collins.

They have consistently delivered highly creative responses to briefs, which elegantly balance creative & strategy objectives.

By prioritising a compelling user experience they maximise engagement whilst also ensuring this is focused against the campaign objectives.

Eric Winbolt

Digital Creative Director, EMI Music & Harper Collins

The emotiv team are versatile in all aspects of digital experiences and have so far completed an interactive film, advertising, social media and games for me.

They bring a creative flair and understanding of our audiences that I have so far found to be unmatched.

I also find them exceptionally good value for what I consider to be a high-end creative experience agency.

David Dyett

Marketing Director, Square Enix, Atari & Disney Interactive

emotiv have worked on a multitude of projects for me including customer experience strategy, branding, animations, micro-sites and a number of cross-medium campaigns.

They have always punched above their weight in terms of intelligence, quality and reliability but equally make the best of being a small agency; being highly creative, flexible and of good value.

I often recomend them to others.

David Gray

Managing Director, S&D, FIT & Azelis



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Head Office: Emotiv CX Ltd, TechHub @ Campus

4-5 Bonhill St, London, EC2A 4BX, UK

Phone: +44 (0)8443 57 57 50

Email: [email protected]

Business Hours: 10:00-19:00 (GMT) Mon-Fri

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